Greetings from Hosts

  • Yashiro Eita

    Chairman.Nippon Charity Kyokai

  • The PARAART exhibition will be held again this year as the first event to mark "The arts of autumn".

    This summer was very hot. On top of that, I presume it was a big challenge for every artist that because COVID-19 had infringed the world. Many works have been submitted to the exhibition around the world, and each work even shows and hides the suffering the artist went through, that I am deeply moved.
    Former chairman, the late Kinji Takagi, put his heart and soul into this exhibition. The tradition of PARAART exhibition has received a great response both at home and abroad.We have committed to inheriting the legacy of his spirit, and continue to walk the path in the future.
    Although I am newly appointed as the chairman, I would like to ask for your continuing support and guidance from the bottom of my heart.

    Nippon Charity Kyokai puts the development of the arts of people with disabilities at the forefront of its activities. Every year, we are planning and executing various activities to support improving the independence of people with disabilities. Among them, art belongs to everyone, and the work itself is a proof of life and a challenge.
    I would be happy if you, with an unbiased lens, could enjoy the work which is the result of artist poured his/her soul into own paintbrush. I would like to conclude my greetings by thanking the artists for their great works.

  • Koike Yuriko

    Governor of Tokyo

  • It is our great pleasure to co-host the 9th International Art Exhibition of 2022 ParaArt TOKYO.

    Art is inclusive, transcending national borders and ethnicities. It directly inspires and resonates in the hearts of people. The ongoing pandemic has led to a loss of places for people in the arts sector to showcase their works. This exhibition presents a valuable opportunity for people with disabilities to develop and demonstrate their fine talent through art. I wish to express my deep respect to everyone who contributed to making this exhibition possible, including Nippon Charity Kyokai and its chairman, Yashiro Eita.

    As with last year, a special virtual gallery website has been set up to enable people to view all of the works in this exhibition online. This not only serves as a step to prevent the spread of the virus, but it will also create more opportunities for people to encounter great works of art. Especially for those who cannot visit the exhibition venue, this virtual gallery offers a chance to fully enjoy many appealing works of art.

    The Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 held last year was a major step forward for the realization of an inclusive society. Our vision is to develop a society where everyone respects each other and can demonstrate their abilities, and thus create a wonderful Tokyo brimming with diversity. Your continued understanding and cooperation will be greatly appreciated.

    In closing, I would like to extend my best wishes for the continued success of the exhibition. I also hope that it will further increase understanding of participation by people with disabilities in cultural and artistic activities, and advance diversity in social participation.

  • Takano Yukio

    Mayor of Toshima City

  • We would like to extend our sincere congratulations on the opening of the 9th International Exchange Exhibition "2022 Para Art TOKYO" and the publication of its catalog.

    In 2020, Toshima City was selected as Tokyo's first "SDGs Future City" and "Municipal SDGs Model Project" and is currently promoting sustainable urban development as a new SDGs model.In addition, the steps toward becoming an "International City of Arts and Culture," which the City has been striving to achieve, align with the SDG's principles and future vision.Through the SDGs, we will continue to clarify the direction in which Toshima City should head and create a "Toshima City that welcomes everyone, is accepted by everyone, and develops sustainably."

    This year, Toshima City celebrates its 90th anniversary. Toward the next "Toshima 100th Anniversary," we will strive to realize a "valuable city where everyone can play a leading role" by fostering "people" who create the future with their dreams and hopes.

    The "2022 Para Art TOKYO" 9th International Exchange Exhibition, which will be held this time, aims at "fusion of welfare and culture" where people with disabilities can show their individuality and live vibrantly, and it will send out the appeal of art for the disabled to many people around the world. We have high expectations for this event to become a place where many people with disabilities can meet and enjoy art transcending national borders and disabilities. We sincerely hope that this event will further expand the opportunities for people with disabilities to be active in the world.

    In conclusion, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to the Nippon Charity Kyokai and all those involved for their efforts in organizing this event and extend our congratulations.