Greetings from Hosts

  • Kinji Takagi

    Chairman.Nippon Charity Kyokai

  •  We are extremely grateful as being able to host this year’s 2020 PARAART TOKYO International Exhibition when we are facing unprecedented challenge by COVID-19.
     In more than 50 years of Nippon Charity Kyokai’s history, we consider our some 35 years of efforts to promote and nurture art by people with disabilities is the most prominent.In 2009, PARAART international exhibition started with a focus on Asian artists, mainly to support people’s efforts to bring Olympic and Paralympic games in Tokyo.
     Since then, we hosted 6 PARAART exhibitions over 10 years of time, fulfilling the purpose of international exchange.The path of this project to date has not been very easy, especially the part to obtain artists ‘ information in different environment around world.But we are deeply moved by the fact that enthusiastic supports from many people help us bring 269 artworks from 37 countries and regions for this exhibition.
     We would be grateful if each one of you appreciates great talents and efforts demonstrated by the artists, as well as the legacy of PARAART promoting international exchange among artists with disabilities.
     Finally, we would like to express my utmost gratitude to Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Toshima City, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Ministry of Foreign Affaires, Agency for Cultural Affairs, the embassy of each country and related organization, for their years of supports.
     We sincerely wish the participating artists health, happiness, and further devotion to art, and hope that the international exchange of art for people with disabilities will further grow.

  • Koike Yuriko

    Governor of Tokyo

  •  I would like to sincerely welcome you to 2020 ParaArt TOKYO, the seventh edition of this international art exhibition.
     Art is inclusive, transcending borders, race, and disability. It is a form of expression that directly inspires and resonates in the hearts of people. It is very meaningful for people with disabilities to develop and demonstrate fine talent through the arts, as this contributes to self-realization and social participation.
     Many works have been submitted to this exhibition again this year, not only from across Japan, but also from countries such as China and the Republic of Korea. In light of the situation with respect to the spread of the novel coronavirus, I understand that a special virtual gallery website has been launched to also enable those unable to come to the venue to view all of the works online. I wish to express my deep respect to everyone who contributed to making this exhibition possible, including Nippon Charity Kyokai, a Public Interest Incorporated Foundation, and its president Takagi Kinji. Thank you all for your consideration and tireless efforts.
     I hope that everyone who views this exhibition will feel the rich emotion and messages contained in each work of art, as well as the great potential of the artists.
     With an eye to the long fight against the invisible virus that lies ahead, while receiving the support of the citizens of Tokyo to establish the “new normal,” the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is taking all possible measures to prevent the spread of infection. Next year, we also aim to deliver an Olympic and Paralympic Games that ensures safety and peace of mind. And, using the opportunity presented by the Games, we will speed up a variety of initiatives to make Tokyo a “Diverse City” where everyone can lead vibrant lives and actively participate.
     In closing, I would like to extend my best wishes for the continued success of the exhibition and all of the artists showing their work. It is also my hope that the people of Tokyo and Japan will further deepen understanding with regard to participation in cultural and artistic activities by people with disabilities, and that social participation by the disabled will continue to diversify and advance.