Greetings from Hosts

  • Yashiro Eita

    Chairman.Nippon Charity Kyokai

  • We are finally getting out of the COVID-19 pandemic and returning to normal life.
    From now on, I sincerely hope everyone enjoys life in each one’s respective fields. A friend of mine who is working hard on his artistic activities said, "I was stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic, and I re-learned art from the basics using that time. As a result, my work has improved considerably. It's a blessing in disguise..." I was really impressed by his positive artistic spirit.

    The works of such a strong group of friends made the "2023 PARAART TOKYO 10th International Exchange Exhibition" bloom. Overcoming obstacles and crossing borders, wonderful works will once again be exhibited at the venue. One of the judges of the exhibition committee said, "This year's artworks are much more powerful than usual!" and I am confident that this year's exhibition is made by each artist’s sweat and effort of overcoming the coronavirus.
    Art is something that can be shared by everyone, regardless of whether they are with or without disabilities. However, there is great value and deep emotion in the effort and challenge that goes into completing a piece, and the way the artist face the paintbrush. This exhibition features the works of such people submitted from all over the world.

    We hope many of you will come and enjoy the international exchange exhibition while feeling the profoundness of the works on display.
    I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the co-sponsor of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the judges of the committee, and the organizations that sponsored the event.

  • Koike Yuriko

    Governor of Tokyo

  • It is our great pleasure to co-host the 10th International Exchange Exhibition of 2023 ParaArt TOKYO. First held in 2009, this art exhibition has overcome various challenges, including the risk of cancellation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, to celebrate its tenth iteration this year.

    Art is inclusive, transcending national borders and ethnicities. It directly inspires and resonates in the hearts of people. I would like to express my deep respect to everyone at Nippon Charity Kyokai, including Chairman Yashiro Eita, for their dedication to creating valuable opportunities for people with disabilities to develop and demonstrate their fine talent through the arts.

    This year, the works featured in the exhibition can again be viewed online by visiting the ParaArt TOKYO 2023 virtual gallery. This online exhibition will surely make it possible for many people to discover amazing works of art. Through the virtual gallery, it is our hope that everyone, especially those who are unable to visit the venue in person, will be able to enjoy the many appealing works of art from around the world.

    With the Tokyo 2025 Deaflympics only two years away, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government will build on the legacy of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 in order to further advance various measures, including the enhancement of universal communication technologies using digital technology. Through such efforts, we will steadily promote the realization of an inclusive society where everyone can embrace their individuality and lead vibrant lives. Your continued understanding and cooperation will be greatly appreciated.
    In closing, I sincerely hope that the success of this exhibition will lead to a deeper understanding of participation by people with disabilities in cultural and artistic activities, and help advance diversity in social participation.